School Resources

School Resources

Under the NZ Curriculum 2007, the White-flippered penguin can be studied under 3 aspects.

1. Science

Children can be taught how the Penguins are suited to their particular habitat on Motunau island and how they can benefit by additional colonies in Flea bay (Akaroa), Harris Bay and Boulder Bay.

2. Social Science

The children can learn about the other values of Godley Head such as the history of the army gun emplacements, and how decisions are made about the use of resources in the area. Walkers, BMX riders, the Godley Head heritage Trust are but a few of the competing users of the area.

3. Technology

How do the children envisage the Penguin Parade? Can they perhaps design a nesting box as a comfortable home for the penguin chicks? What sort of viewing facilities would they like to have? What is the best way to get to Boulder Bay from the car park: walking, gondola, multi-wheeled vehicle etc.?